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An Appeal

Respect Our Senior Citizens through helping them with kind heart:

An Appeal to all compassionate and service loving people

Life follows continuously like a river. Before merging into end point every human being has to encounter a tough phase in life and that's old age. Strength less, fading flowers of life look out for love and compassion. In this stress filled busy world, life style consuming time and money. joint families ceased to exist. Inflation is making people more selfish. In this relational crisis, for the last two and half decades, we, The Senior Citizens Forum, Kanuru, are ardently working towards the betterment of homeless, abandanded senior citizens lives. Our old age home is providing shelter and food to the poor and needy old aged people. We are organizing certain programs for collecting various type of donation from service loving people. Here are few of our programs. By participating in them one can lend a helping hand to the needy.

Annadanam Program:-

Of all the services, feeding the needy is considered as the highest service. Donations can be made on your name or your beloved one's, for celebrating Birthday, Marriage day or any other auspicious day of senior citizens. You can also donate in commemoration of you beloved ones.

For One day Annadanam - Rs.1500/-

On the specific day i.e for one day the Annadanam will be performed for the old age people in the home.

Permanent Annadanam (Sasvitha Annadanam) - Rs.15,000/-

Every year on the donar specified date for the specified name, Annadanam is performed to the old age people in the home.

In both the programs the donor and the person on whose name the donation is given are displayed in the dining hall and they will get the besssing of senior citizens.

Corporate Sponsor:-

One can donate on the name of an organisation / individual for one month consumables. Donor name will be displayed in the entrance hall for the whole month as "Corporate Sponsor of the month". We request kind hearted corporate organisations to extand their helping hand for this program.

One month corporate sponsorship : Rs.20,000/-

Room Sponsorship:-

Day by day requests to reside in old age home are increasing. So as to meet the current demand, we have started the construction of extra rooms on the first floor of the existing old age home building. We humble request donations from philantropical Organisations and individuals for helping us to complete this project. Donor's name will be permanently displayed on the room.

For Sponsorship for construction of one room : Rs.6,00,000/-

As a joint sponsor for the construction of one room : Rs.3,00,000/-

(Each unit consists of two beds)

Corpus Fund:

As this is a non-profitable organization, we are struggling hard day to day expenses. To meet the raising mantainance costs, we accept any amount of donations that will be helpful to build the corpus fund. This will be useful for the day to day maintainance like electricity, administrative expenses, staff salaries, and to keep up the premises etc.

Also we accept donations of any kind like furniture, electric gadgets, solar lights, heaters, plants, cloths, food materials and essential medicines.,

One who wishes to do voluntary service to senior citizens is encouraged.

Donations are accepted in the form of Cash/DD/Cheque/net banking.


All Cheques/DDs may be drawn in favour of “Home for the aged Senior  citizen forum”.

Note: Our organisation is registered under "Section 80G" and the donor will get tax exemption for their offerings.

Our Bank details are as follows:

Banker Name  &  Address: 

Andhra Bank- Kanuru Branch
D.No.6-102/1, Near Carmel Church,
2nd Line, Uma Sankar Nagar,
Kanuru, Vijayawada-520 007.

Bank A/c.No. :  042410011025804

RTGS Details :   ANDB0001462




Senior Citizens Forum
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Kanuru, Vijayawada
Ph: 0866-6593677
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